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Is your website too slow? A PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds if hosted on a properly configured server.... Read more

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Is your website too slow? A PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds if hosted on a properly configured server.

Our Page Speed Optimization Service will prevent you from losing clients due to a slow loading site and will significantly reduce the time they spend starting from the moment they access your store until they pay for the products.



Loading Time has a massive effect on your Bottom Line. Our Page Speed Optimization Service will help you increase your conversion rate as well as your rankings because Google rewards good user experience.

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We have Science on our side

A lot of research has been dedicated to the behavior of online shoppers. Many of the finds reveal exactly how important page speed is to any online business.

If it takes more than a second for the page to start loading, the visitor will get the impression that nothing is happening in the background and if there are no signs of "life" they will lose patience and leave.


The 3 second rule

57% of online consumers will abandon a site after waiting for just 3 seconds for a page to load.


Bad experience that sticks

80% of those who abandon because of a slow loading page will never return to that store.


Word of Mouth

Half of the customers you lost will also share their experience with others. In an age of social media this can do lasting harm to your business.


What about the rest?

Indeed there are 43% of visitors who stay after 3 seconds but as they wait 4, 5 or more for pages to load, the number of abandons increases dramatically.

Improve your website's performance now!

Offer your clients an awesome shop experience while respecting their time.

What's included?


Image Optimization

Unoptimized images can lead to significant slowdown. We will make sure that they are appropriately sized to reduce load speed.


Eliminate Render Blocking CSS and JS

Render Blocking resources will be removed or deferred to avoid interference with above-the-fold loading


Minify JavaScript

Compacting JavaScript can save many bytes of data and this will inevitably speed up execution time.


Above the fold prioritization

The No. 1 priority is the quick and correct loading of the above-the-fold content.


Enable Compression

This will reduce the time it takes to download resources as well as the clients' data usage.


Checking redirects

We will check all redirects which appear on or between the pages and remove the ones which are not needed.


Minify CSS

The file size will be reduced while maintaining the same functionality, saving precious bytes of data.


Minify HTML

The HTML size will be reduced while maintaining the same functionality, speeding up the website

What is not included is the server response time as this is not something we can influence directly. If you need to move to a better hosting provider and worry about the server transfer, we have you covered:

Choose a team of Presta Heroes to give your website a Speed Boost!


What should you do if you have a slow loading website?

Your website needs speed optimization. The first thing you need to do is to view your online store from a visitor's and potential client's perspective looking to get information about and finally purchasing products.
How much patience would you have while waiting for the page to load before going to a competitor website offering similar products?

Most page speed measuring tools offer standard advice and suggestions which can be applied on the tested websites. These are sometimes obvious like in the case of image optimization. The instructions are very clear when it comes to the correct formatting and compression of images which reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred and can shave a few milliseconds off the total load time.

But when it comes to optimizing the JavaScript and CSS resources which delay or block content above the fold, you need a team of professionals.
Years of experience in optimizing PrestaShop online stores have given us the know-how to which allows us to reduce load times under 3 seconds for all the projects we handled. When hosted on high-performance servers set up using our recommendations and guidelines, the load speed is under 2 seconds.

Curious about the health of your website?

Find out everything that's right and wrong about your site!

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